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Australian Open: Protesters draw attention to detainees on Manus Island

Protesters unfurl a banner during the men's final, drawing attention to the plight of refugees on Manus Island. Photo: Joe Armao

Source: The Age Sport

Police have arrested protesters who managed to get on centre court while unfurling a pro-refugee, anti-Manus Island banner during the men's final of the Australian Open.


Picture: Moresby South MP and Minister for Sports and National Events Justin Tkatchenko addressing sellers at Koki market, Papua New Guinea. 

Source: Post Courier 

The alleged purchase of land at Koki market has not gone down well with the local MP who is prepared to fight and ensure the land is given back to his people.

Heavy logging continues in Turubu despite court victory

Source: "Red Soil"

The foreign logging company deemed illegal by the National court is still heavily logging down kwila trees and leaving the land barren in Turubu, East Sepik Province. Despite being called out by the court to stop the illegal logging on portion 144C, these Asian thieves have resorted to other ways to continue stealing the kwila trees behind the back of the laws of this land.