Vision and Mission

ACT NOW! believes in an economically independent Papua New Guinea where:

  • we share our resources so there is opportunity for everyone;
  • we are all involved in decision making; 
  • we protect and defend our human rights and our land;
  • services meet the needs of the people; 
  • we make wise use of our natural resources; and
  • we protect our environment so it can protect and nurture our future generations.


We share the Vision that was set out for us by our Founding Fathers at Independence and is embedded in the National Goals in our Constitution. We envision a PNG where our cultures, traditions and PNG Ways are valued and protected, our wealth and resources are shared equitably, government services meet the needs of the people, and our environment is protected while wise use is made of our natural resources.


To ensure the voice of ordinary people are heard and that the relationship between the land, people, culture and nature is not only protected, but celebrated and used as a guide to future development.


Papua New Guinea’s National Goals are upheld and all laws, government policies and practices reflect their spirit and intention.

ACT NOW! members are united in their belief that Papua new Guinea has lost its way because it has lost sight of our National Goals and that if we can rediscover them we can build a better future.