A Better Model of Development

Resource extraction, foreign ownership and unrestrained capitalism are promoted as a model of development but provide very little benefit for ordinary people.

PNG's Constitution lays out a very different people-focused model based on self-sufficiency, sustainability, equality, participation, national sovereignty and integral human development.

ACT NOW! is urging the government to refocus its model so it reflects these principles.

The government's current model of development ignores the spirit and intention of the Constitution and drives a bulldozer through our National Goals
Both the SABL land grab and the growing number of violent urban evictions in Papua New Guines are the symptoms of a misguided and destructive model of development.
Vast quantities of gold, silver and copper exported overseas have not translated into meaningful development for ordinary people. Instead they suffer the serious negative impacts
Illegal and unsustainable logging by foreign companies is widespread but despite the devastating impacts the government does nothing to stop it