When we take action together we can have a massive impact - so never doubt the importance of making your voice heard. As proof of this ACT NOW! supporters have played a vital role in a number of very significant campaign victories.

Oct 2022: Act Now completes deliver of 50,000 education and awareness materials

Photo: Presentation of education and awareness materials to the Michael Somare library at the Universtity of Papua New Guinea - April 2022.

On 12th October ACT NOW delivered 1,000 copies of 34 different education and awareness materials and reports to the National Research Institute library in Port Moresby.

This marked the sucessful conclusion of ACT NOW’s program of materials distribution for 2022.

May 2021: Investigative Journalism Awards Launched

The Media Council of PNG, Transparency International and the European Union anounce the launch of the Investigative Journalsim Awards (photo: EU)

The Media Council of PNG in partnership with Transparency International PNG and the European Union have announced the launch of the Investigative Journalism Awards to support investigative journalist to investigate and expose issues involving corruption and the breakdown of governance.