When we take action together we can have a massive impact - so never doubt the importance of making your voice heard. As proof of this ACT NOW! supporters have played a vital role in a number of very significant campaign victories.

Dec 2013: Finance Department Commission of Inquiry report finally released

After three-years of campaigning, the damning Commission of Inquiry report into corruption in the Department of Finance (the so-called "Paraka Scams'), has finally been released to the public.

The Commission spent several years investigating allegations of widespread corruption but in 2010, the day after its report was tabled in parliament, lawyer Paul Paraka and former Solicitor General Zachary Gelu obtained a court injunction preventing its publication.

After more than three years, that injunction has finally been lifted.

Nov 2013: Parliament passes law paving way for an ICAC

Parliament has passed the law amending the Constitution to allow for the establishment of an Independent Commission Against Corruption. This is the first piece of legislation needed in the process of establsihing an ICAC. The government now needs to pass an 'organic law' which will govern how the ICAC is to operate.

ACT NOW! has been campaigning for an ICAC since AN! was established in 2010 and the fight against stealing from the public purse is one of ACT NOW!'s key campaigns. 

Sept 2013: PM releases the SABL Commission of Inquiry reports

Prime Minister Peter O'Neill has finally responded to demands by groups including ACT NOW! that he publish the SABL land grab Commission of Inquiry report by tabling the report in Parliament.

The reports reveal that 38 of 42 leases were fraudulently obtained without the consent of local people.

The PM's office had received over 5,000 emails from ACT NOW! supporters calling on him to table the report.

June 2013: Government releases draft ICAC laws

The Prime Minister's Department has provided ACT NOW! with a copy of its draft law establishing an Independent Commission Against Corruption and has invited public submissions - read more here.

ACT NOW! has been pressing for an ICAC since AN! was established in 2010 and the fight against stealing from the public purse is one of ACT NOW!'s key campaigns. 

Nov 2012: Nautilus cancels construction of mining vessel

Prospective experimental seabed mining company, Nautilus Minerals, has announced it is canceling the construction of its mining vessel after failing to raise enough money to continue with its controversial mining plans for Solwara 1 in PNG.

This is a major victory in the campaign against this new and untested form of mining and follows twelve months of determined campaigning in PNG and the region.

Aug 2012: Now government promises Independent Commission Against Corruption

The Governor General has announced the new government will introduce legislation to establish an ICAC in his speech opening the first session of the new Parliament.

The previous government had announced plans for an Independent Commission Against Corruption in August 2011, but had failed to deliver on its commitment.

The fight against stealing from the public purse is one of ACT NOW!'s key campaigns and ACT NOW! has been pressing for an ICAC since AN! was established in 2010.

March 2012: SABL CoI wraps ups hearings

The Commission of Inquiry into the SABL land grab has concluded its hearings. The land grab saw control of more than 5 million hectares of land seized from customary landholders.

ACT NOW! has been an important part of the community campaign against the land grab which resulted in the Commission of Inquiry being established. ACT NOW! supporters have sent over 5,000 emails to the Prime Minister on this issue.

May 2012: Marengo mining dumps marine tailings plan

Marengo Mining has publicly confirmed that it has dumped plans to use the ocean as a sewer for its processing waste from the planned Yandera copper mine in Madang.

ACT NOW! has been pressuring the company not to follow the example of the Chinese owned Ramu nickel mine in using marine waste dumping.  

Marengo has announced it will instead use a land-based tailings system.

The announcement is a major victory for indigenous people living along the Madang coast who have been battling against the planned dumping from both the Yandera and Ramu mines.