Oct 2012: Prime Minister admits SABL land grab a 'fundamental mistake"

Prime Minister Peter O'Neill has admitted the SABL land grab in which control of more than 5 million hectares of land has been seized from customary people was a fundamental mistake by the government.

Speaking on Radio Australia's Background Briefing program Mr O'Neill said the government had made "some fundamental mistakes over the past few years". "One of them is the Special Agricultural and Business Leases," he said. Mr O'Neill said it is was a "huge concern" that vast tracts of land – some thousands of square kilometres taking in many communities – have been leased out under single SABLs. 

ACT NOW! has been an important part of the community campaign against the land grab and ACT NOW! supporters have sent over 5,000 emails to the Prime Minister on this issue.

The Prime Minister has pledged to implement the recommendations of  a Commission of inquiry which it is hoped will publish its report shortly.