The Wrong Model of Development

A revised version of the popular factsheet that explains how Unrestrained Capitalism has been imposed on Papua New Guinea and is the root cause of many of the everyday problems we face. The flip-side highlights 5 key areas that can help us ensure a "Gutpela Sindaun Bilong Olgeta"

Husat Tru I Strongim Ikonomi Bilong Papua Niugini?

Simple factsheet on the value of Papua New Guinea's real economy, which is based around customary land and rural agriculture

Kastomari Len Registresen

Tok pisin version of the two-page factsheet explaining the dangers of customary land registration

Giaman Rot Bilong Divelopmen

Two page factsheet explaining the Giaman Rot Bilong Divelopmen

Why Customary Land Cannot be 'Bankable'

This factsheet explains why commercial banks want to make customary land 'bankable' and why this should never be allowed.

Position Paper on Incorporated Land Groups

This short paper outlines ACT NOW's position on Incorporated Land Groups, how they are being misused and the reforms that are necessary.

Incorporated Land Groups

This factsheet explains what Incorporated Land Groups are; what their original purpose was, how they are being [mis]used and the problems this creates.

Government's Secret Land Grab Agenda

This Factsheet explains the government's secret agenda to take ownership and control of customary land away from rural people and hand it to multi-national companies, commercial banks and other foreign interests.

The Economic Cost of Corruption

Corruption impacts societies in a multitude of ways. In the worst cases, it costs lives. It can also cost people their health, education, freedom and money. It can destroy families and communities, undermine our culture and cause environmental destruction. In this factsheet we present an economic analysis of how much corruption is costing Papua New Guinea and how a more open and transparent government could transform our future.

National Land Summit 2019 Position Statement

A short paper explaining the government's land grab agenda and why it must be opposed.