What we do

ACT NOW! is a community advocacy organisation that assists ordinary people to make their voices heard in relation to matters of national importance in Papua New Guinea. We are an independent not for profit organisation registered in PNG. ACT NOW! is not affiliated with any corporation, political party, government, or other non-government organization.

ACT NOW! wants to help build a better PNG where the National Goals and Directive Principles in our Constitution guide our development, as we intended at Independence.

ACT NOW! uses the internet, social networking tools and direct community engagement to highlight critical issues affecting Papua New Guinea and allow the voices of ordinary people to be heard in the formulation of practical and realistic solutions. We encourage the masses to, Speak Out and Provoke Change


Papua New Guinea has been 'independent' since 1975. We are rich in natural resources which have been exploited over the duration of our existence as a nation. But basic government services are not reaching the rural people and local infrastructure and roads are deteriorating. We rely heavily on loans and donor assistance. Vital public funds have been stolen, taken offshore or pocketed by the rich and influential. Some of our political leaders have been quietly building up assets offshore, coinciding with major extraction of our minerals, petroleum, gas, fish and trees. 

As a citizen of this country you have the right to free speech under the PNG Constitution. Speak out ! Hold your elected representative accountable. Speak out ! Lets all participate in creating the future we want. 

It’s our country; no one will do it for us. Act Now! Speak out! And create a better PNG


We have an obligation to ourselves and the future generations of this country, to demand change. As long as we remain quiet, we shall never break the cycle! As long as we remain quiet, we rob our unborn generation.

Act Now ! Provoke Change, so our children can have a chance for a better tomorrow.

For more information email info@actnowpng.org

Photo: Community Facilitators at the Karawari Caves Art Project