Where's the Beef? The Wasu ‘Cattle Farm’ Project

The third in a series of investigative reports into the abuse of Forest Clearance Authorities This case study looks at the Wasu Cattle Farm project in Morobe Province and raises serious questions about the project’s legality.
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Four Ways Logging Companies Defraud PNG

An infographic that explains the four ways logging companies evade tax and defraud the nation.
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The Economic Cost of Corruption

Corruption impacts societies in a multitude of ways. In the worst cases, it costs lives. It can also cost people their health, education, freedom and money. It can destroy families and communities, undermine our culture and cause environmental destruction. In this factsheet we present an economic analysis of how much corruption is costing Papua New Guinea and how a more open and transparent government could transform our future.
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The Circle Triangle Story

The Circle / Triangle Story describes how outsiders have destroyed Melanesian communities and stolen their land. The story was originally developed by the Melanesian Indigenous Land Defence Alliance as a play used in community education.
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