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More excuses from O’Neill over failure to act on SABL land grab

O'Neill has failed for two years to take any action against the corrupt bureaucrats and politicians responsible for the SABL land grab and illegal logging - and now he is expressing surprise they have done nothing to cancel the leases or stop the logging...

SABL investigation: O’Neill says bureaucracy not responding

Source: EM TV, Port Moresby

Pogera landowners may close mine


Landowners gather for a protest at Porgera in October

Source: Post Courier

The landowners of the world class Porgera gold mine in the Enga province plan to force shut the mine after the National Government has failed to honour commitments under the mine’s Memorandum of Agreement.

Australian Advisor revealed to be behind Bougainville President's attack on Jubilee Australia Report

Bougainville President John Momis has been very persistent and vocal in attacking the NGO Jubilee Australia, over a report that gives a voice to the marginalized group of people of the Panguna area. Momis attacks have characterized Jubilee Australia as an "interfering outsider". How ironic that it is now being revealed that Momis's virulent attacks were written for him by an Australian 'Advisor' who is paid by and regularly briefs the Australian Government…

Source: PNG Mine Watch

NZ: Seabed fight now for legal fees

Source: Taranaki Daily News 

Anti-seabed mining campaigners and a South Taranaki iwi say a decision to finally scuttle a massive ironsand mining operation is a "victory for common sense".

Last week, Trans-Tasman Resources (TTR) dropped its attempt to reverse the Environmental Protection Authority's decision to decline consent to extract 50 million tonnes of sediment per year, across 65.76 square kilometres.

Alternatives to mining: A chocolate revolution on Bougainville

A small New Zealand business is demonstrating how Bougainville can have a future without a return to large-scale mining and the reimposition of colonial-style dependence on foreign powers like Rio Tinto... (Mine Watch)

Source: PNG Mine Watch

The Wellington Chocolate Voyage

A voyage to make a unique artisan chocolate bar and a better tasting world. This is the new chocolate revolution.

Momis fumes over O'Neill's Panguna promises : STAY OUT

Source: The National

The Autonomous Bougainville Government (ABG) has warned the O'Neill Government against controlling mining on Bougainville. President John Momis (Pictured) said the idea of the National Government anywhere else in Bougainville was "completely unacceptable". Momis said in a letter to the Prime Minister Peter O'Neill that Bougainvilleans were determined to control their mining interests through the ABG.