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Australian government has known for 25 years that mining will not deliver benefits for PNG people

Source:PNG Mine Watch

Australia’s political leadership has spent decades promoting large-scale mining in PNG while carefully suppressing advice from experienced civil servants warning that the extractive industries will ‘not deliver lasting development for the majority of PNG’s population’.


Source: "Red Soil"

Word on the streets of Madang is that the RD Tuna Cannery in the province made a 2 Million Kina loss on exported frozen loins last year. Why that is so is unknown, but the impact caused the recruitment of more women very poorly paid as usual, doing a lot of standing, and unnecessary deductions made to their already low pay packages.

Collingwood Bay communities take on threat of mining after SABL land grab victory

This is great proof that 'united we stand, divided we fall'. Enough is enough, how many more court battles do Landowners from Collingwood Bay have to fight to amplify that they DO NOT want any kind of land grabbing activity on their customary land?

Collingwood Bay. Photo Eric Wakker (RAN)

Ok Tedi LOs: Government didn't consult with us first

Ok Tedi mine (Credit: ABC licensed)

Source: Post Courier

THE clan leaders and chiefs of Faiwolmin Association Incorporated representing six mine villages and the entire Faiwolmin tribe have refuted claims made by the national Government that they were consulted in the new shares distribution in Ok Tedi Mine.