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Significance of the No Go Zone Checkpoint

Is all this talk in actual fact the begining of a demarcated freedom of movement in our democratic run and lead country? Some relics have purposely been left behind to remind those of 'you' who are forgetful of the struggles and the war and the lives lost and the peace and democracy that a 10 year crisis resulted in. Please try not to forget that the land is ours and we make the decisions!

Source: Special Bougainville Corresspondent

Meekamui Mareoi

Civil Society denounces World Bank's conference on land & poverty

They may think that they have the perfect solutions to con us and take/use our customarily owned land but we will not remain fools. Whose interest is the World Bank serving ? becuase we now know from past experiences that they defiantly don't have our (grassroot people) interest at hand. We dont want your money making ventures and your banks so you can keep your suits and your policies and we'll keep and manage our land!

Firm defends settlers

No free gift is ever free!.....I wonder why the Paraka lawyers have ventured into a pro-bono on land cases..is this in some way a good deed trying to blanket the theft of peoples money in the Paraka saga? Hmmmm....

Picture: Paul Paraka adressing a crowd at Six Mile market

Source: Post Courier

Judge slams Lands department corruption and calls for police action

Judge puts the law into practise and corrects corruption doers especially in the Lands Department and is adament that the police look into cases of corrupt land deals. It's about 'bloody' time! RUN the talk, we've been walking far too long!

Photo: Judge Ambeng Kandakasi. Photo courtesy of PNGLoop

Source: PNG Exposed