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FPIC and REDD awareness got interests from local communities in Turubu LLG

Source:  Jimmy Kalebe

An awareness campaign was conducted last week covering the coastal villages of Turubu in East Sepik Province.

The awareness that covered 21 villages mainly looked at Free, Prior, Informed Consent (FPIC) and Reduce Emission from land Degradation and Deforestation (REDD) was well received and drew much interests from participating communities.

Land owners take action while decision pends in court

Source: Jimmy Kalebe

The current logging operations in Turubu LLG in Wewak District and parts of Sausso LLG in Yangoru Saussia District East Sepik Province are still going despite it being nullified by the national government last year.

During the 6years of massive logging and round log export, millions of Kina damages were done to the environment, affecting livelihoods of local people.

To date, promises of improved infrastructure and other benefits as stated by the landowner company in the beginning were never materialized.

A GOVERNMENT ON LIFE SUPPORT – Anti-Corruption Perspective

Unless corruption is an ideology that bureacrats, politicians and the ellite dismiss in decision making to acumulate better service delivery and the people's money (tax payers money especially) are put into providing for the people where economic benefits can be seen on a tangible level, than and only than can we say our government is truely one 'for' the people. A government struggling to survive is one that cannot look after those that depend on it. Moreover, how does it help to disable the very machine that supports life it needs to survive?