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Customary Landowners interested in timber processing on SABL debated land

With all the hype happening around SABL, are we sure land owners are driven to timber processing projects? Could this be another SABL scheme on SABL debated land? It is important we know what we are inexpensively signing before everyone pays the hefty price of recouping one mans mistake. 

Not Destructive Development

Source: "Red Soil"

Jimmy is from the Junk-Aral District of the Jiwaka Province, and he walks from Jiwaka out to the Madang Province to sell his bags of coffee beans and peanuts once or twice every month. From where Jimmy’s village is located, one has to climb very rugged steep mountains, brave the thick jungles and cross some of the fastest flowing rivers to get to town and back home.

logging & oil palm operations in Tring village of Turubu in East Sepik Province: destructive and illegal

Source: Jimmy Kalebe

The latest logging and oil palm operations in Tring village of Turubu in East Sepik Province were claimed by landowners as destructive, unbeneficial and illegal.

The claims come after proper procedures were not followed, no real benefits shared among landowners and consent was not sought through the immediate landowners before trespassing into customary land by the logging company.


Photo Caption: Solomon, a Master Carver a work

Source: "Red Soil"

Experts, Consultants, Professors, Doctors etc. People who are recognized and given titles as such, because they have spent years of reading and writing non-stop about something, but what about when they become ‘those’ about a person(s) way of life? Is that justifiable?

LO company appeals for respect

Source: Post Courier

Locals in the Bewani/Wutung LLG area of West Sepik Province are appealing or respect from a foreign company that was contracted to utilize their land.

The Bewani Palm Oil Development, a landowner company representing the 124 ILGs, claim that a Malaysian contractor, whose sublease was terminated last October, has not compiled with landowners' orders to move out.