Source: "Red Soil"

The Prime Minister Peter O’Neil has not responded to the appeal made by more than 2 million Lutherans nationwide, to not go ahead with the said Experimental Seabed Mining (ESM) to happen in Papua New Guinea.

Picture: Lutheran followers gather in protest against the Experimental Seabed Mining

A statement signed by the ELCPNG Head Bishop, Rt. Rev. Kiegere Wenge was released right after the Church’s 29thsynod held on Karkar Island last year (2014), directed to the O’Neil government to let them know that the Lutherans are not in favor of mining the seabed, as it is against biblical scriptures that instruct men to take care of nature.

There was no respond from the O’Neil government so a letter signed by Reverend Kinim Siloi of the Lutheran church, aimed at the Prime Minister Peter O’Neil was released as a follow up.

The letter basically asked Mr O’Neil, who is a Lutheran Church-goer himself, to clarify why he is supporting the Canadian-based Nautilus company despite the church’s wishes with 1.2 million objections. Despite the letter getting the local and international media’s attention, there was no response from Mr O’Neil.

Nonetheless, the Pacific Conference of Churches (PCC) made a statement, confirming the Pacific churches stand in solidarity with the Lutheran Church of Papua New Guinea against the much rushed ESM. As you might have guessed, there’s still no response from Mr O’Neil, the Prime Minister till today.