LO company appeals for respect

Source: Post Courier

Locals in the Bewani/Wutung LLG area of West Sepik Province are appealing or respect from a foreign company that was contracted to utilize their land.

The Bewani Palm Oil Development, a landowner company representing the 124 ILGs, claim that a Malaysian contractor, whose sublease was terminated last October, has not compiled with landowners' orders to move out.

According to the chairman Bob Namah, the foreign contractor , under the company name of Bewani Palm Oil Plantation, was supposed to move out of the area after it breached several areas of agreement but has so far disrespected the landowners notice to move out.

The chairman said as a foreign contractor, Bewani Palm Oil plantation should respect the people's interests and comply with thier request to move out as they fully hold the right to their land.

In a press confrence this week, Mr Namah and his directors appealed to the contractor to move out or face leagal actions.

"Since the project commenced four years ago, the sub-lease holder has failed to comply with or satisfy important requirements under the terms of the project agreement. Numerous reminders and demands for the contractor to observe have been completly ignored.

These breaches has eventually forced us landownersthrough our company, Bewani palm Oil Development, to terminate the sub-lease,"Mr Namah said

The Bewani Oil Palm plantation was granted a sub-lease to clear trees and develop an oil palm plantation.

When contacted yesterday general manager of Bewani Palm Oil Plantation, Paul Wong, confirmed that a termination of lease was given to his company.

Mr Wong said his company has obtained a restraining order to prevent them from moving out but could not clarify on the breaches his company was accussed of.

Mr Namah said the termination of the contract was based on lack of development.