Firm defends settlers

No free gift is ever free!.....I wonder why the Paraka lawyers have ventured into a pro-bono on land this in some way a good deed trying to blanket the theft of peoples money in the Paraka saga? Hmmmm....

Picture: Paul Paraka adressing a crowd at Six Mile market

Source: Post Courier

Papua new Guinea's largest law firm, Paraka lawyers, has assured settlers and small people in Port Moresby it will fight "tooth and nail" for thier rights and legal assistance will be "free of charge".

Principal Paul Paraka announced this at six mile market in Port Moresby yesterday when addressing them on the issue of forcefull evictions being carried out by the state and business entities.

Mr Paraka said eviction of settlers without any proper resttlement plans by the State and developers and through dubious deals with some "corrupt officers" in the Lands Department would be challanged in court.

"We will use the power of the court system. Nobody is above the law, " Mr Paraka said.

He said he had been observing eviction of settlers as if they were animals, ultimately damaging their livelihood without due regard to their dignity as human beings.

"Papua New Guineans are being chased around like animals. We are not pigs or dogs. If we cannot reach a common understanding thorugh discussions, we will find another way to force this to stop. And that is the court system," he said.

There are three types of forced eviction taking place in the city - eviction of settlements and residents on state owned land, which have been subsequently taken over by private interests and turned into freshold lands through registration on the Lands Department.

"There are certain forcefull evictions carried out by National Capital District Commission and the State for mission and the State for development purposes, " Mr Paraka said.

"These evictions and reclaiming of land must be done humanely with due regards to basic rights of settlers, who are Papua New Guineans."

He said proper housing facilities, roads, water, electricity, sanitation, schools and health services should be provided on alternate lands for relocation. He added that titles should be offered to settlers ont hese new locations.

"Evictions done without first according the residents and settlers an alternative land are inhuman and illegal and settlers can sue NCDC and the State," the lawyer said.

He called on settlers who are being threatend with eviction from thier homes to contact his office for possible assistance.