An Open Letter to His Excellency Mr. Peter O’Neil, Prime Minster of Papua New Guinea

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An Open Letter to His Excellency Mr. Peter O’Neil, Prime Minster of Papua New Guinea

Dear Prime Minster,

I am a friend of Papua New Guinea (PNG). As a friend, I have full respect to the people and the state of PNG. However the news that is coming out of Manus is very disturbing and frustrating. I writing this open letter to your Excellency because I am concerned about the negative effect of such political development could have on the image of PNG globally.

Dear Sir,

I am writing this letter to protest against the way the asylum seekers are treated and held in the detention camps of Manus province. They are inhumanly treated and traumatized. Your government is punishing these innocent refuges for the crime which they did not commit. The condition in which these asylum seekers are held is miserable.

Dear Sir

The asylum seekers were apprehended on the soils and waters of Australia and they sought protection in Australia. Therefore, the issue of these asylum seekers must be legally addressed in Australia, not in PNG, and it is completely wrong and illegal that the PNG government detains the asylum seekers in Manus detention camps. Moreover, it is wrong and illegal that your government interferes in the issue of these asylum seekers and cooperating with the Australian government that has breached the national and international law.

Dear Sir,

The physical and psychological sufferings caused by your government to the refuges detained in Manus detention camp are unacceptable. Owing to the wrong politics of your government, the image of your nation and people is seriously damaged. What I do not understand is why your government is making the people of Papua New Guinea pay a dear price to save the face of Australian politicians. According to the national and international law, collaborating with individuals and states that are denying the democratic and human right of nationals and non-nationals is a crime committed against humanity.

Dear Prime Minster,

I believe your heart is with the people who are forced to leave their homes because of conflict and political suppression. Thus, I kindly request you

  1. to release  immediately all asylum seekers from detention camp and
  2. to stop the illegal interference of your government in the matter of asylum seekers in the region and  treating them inhumanly;
  3. to advise the Australian government to resettle the asylum seekers in Australia and give them a fair trial based on international and nation law; and
  4. to encourage the Australian government to take full responsibility on the matter and address it urgently.

Dear  Sir,

Your action is expected rather than your words for it is the only way that can deliver freedom to the asylum seekers who are under your detention.

Amanuel Mehari Goitom, PhD

Former staff of Forestry Department, Unitech

Blodstensv. 6 Lgh 1001

752 58 Uppsala


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