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Sir Puka Seeks Blessing


Seems like the more one tries to look at other issues of national interest, the more the whole 'Illegal Air Traffic Movement' issue hits your over the head and looks at you almost eye-ball to eye-ball!

Today's commentary was supposed to be on PNG's overall performance on the Open Budget Survey which was presented at the Institute of National Affairs boardroom today. VERY interesting discussions that need to be elaborated on further, tomorrow we will elaborate on who was there and what was said.

PM: Procedures Were followed

The continuation of the Suspicious Air Traffic movement saga from The National...

O’Neill, at a media conference at Morauta Haus attended by heads of departments of customs, transport, civil aviation, police, immigrations and other agencies, said according to the investigations by respective agencies, including police, the plane had met all requirements and that there was no illegality about its landing.

PM Puts a Stop to All Overseas Trips

Oh how wonderful that our infant government has taken a baby step in the right direction at last!

From Tuesday's Post Courier

Prime Minister Peter O’Neill has announced a moratorium on overseas travels for Ministers, heads of departments, government agencies and statutory bodies, as well as provincial administrators.

The announcement yesterday is part of a National Executive Council decision made during its meeting last week.

The Art of Diplomacy

Diplomacy. People associate the word with foreign policy, international relations, economic ties and men and women in business attire, shaking hands, signing agreements and university degree holders.

Such an elaborate sounding word, when really it’s the simple art of negotiating. “I have something you want and you have something I want so let us sit down, have a chat and impress and try to woo each other!” and at the end of it the better negotiator will have the better end of the bargain.

S.S.D.D Syndrome in 2013?

Officially two weeks into the year 2013! For those of you who have been on leave and are feeling like you’ve just been woken up rudely from a pleasant dream and are still orientating yourself - welcome back and to those of you who have been working throughout - hope you’ve got enough to keep going for the next couple of months!

Towards the end of last year we saw some very promising developments that made it seem as if genuine compassion for the people of Papua New Guinea had returned to those whom we’ve selected to be our representatives in that Haus Tambaran.