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The East New Britain Sosel Eksen Komiti (ENBSEK) and concerned citizens of East New Britain have organised and are staging a march against Seabed Mining.

Where: From the Kalabond Field to the     Kokopo Market

When:   Thursday 11th October 2012

Why:   This is to express their concerns and to petition their Provincial and National MPs to take a stand against the progress of what is obviously a potentially destructive experiment.

Band-aids and Healthcare in PNG


Oh Friday – beautiful Friday, should be thinking good thoughts and giving out good vibes but all I can think of is:

The look of illness. Sometimes you actually feel sicker just from looking at filth and hopelessness.

You walk into Port Moresby General Hospital and the first you notice is how unclean, how unhygienic and dirty everywhere looks. The benches, to the hospital equipment, the floors and let’s not even mention the state of the amenities!