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Spot the difference...

I was taken aback (to say the least) after reading this article titled "MCC Spillover at Ramu Mine Site" on PNG Mine Watch and watching the below video titled "Out of sight, Out of Mined' from Oxfam Australia. Althought they are two different companies mining different metals - the state of the rivers and vegetation looks surprisingly simmilar...

Australian mining companies fall short on gaining consent from the world’s Indigenous peoples: report by Oxfam Australia


Source: Oxfam Australia

The vast majority of Australian mining, oil and gas companies have no clear public commitment to gain the consent of Indigenous peoples before commencing projects on their land, according to a new report.

Temu: PNG Gets Windfall From Resource Projects

Which planet has he been on I wonder? Oh that's right he gets to see the money before it is squandered away by all those at the top of the resource income food chain, because as far as translating into tangible socio-economic development for the PNG as a whole - there's just a whole heap of hot air happening.



From The National By GYNNIE KERO

...meanwhile Electoral Commissioner cites there is "K15 million unsettled poll bills"

Here's another twist to the 'K50 million for Fiji Elections' saga, actually this can be described as 'feeling the salt being rubbed into the wound' if you ponder on it.

Last week we heard how Mista Prime Minista had kindly agreed to aid Fiji in its 2014 'democratic' elections. Seems the majority of ministers and businessmen saw the positives of PNG doing this and those of us who thought it ridiculous were only a few.

K50m For Fiji Elections

Is it just me or does anyone else see the irony of our aid-needy government aiding the government of Fiji with K50 million?  Especially when a majority of our major health centers are in urgent need of renovation, medical supplies and qualified health workers? Not to mention the number of critical bridges and roads that need urgent repair in order to boost the rural economy and deliver much needed goods and services! Funnier still wasn’t lack of adequate funding one of the core reasons our very own elections had so many hiccups?

Marine Habitats at Risk

Wow! Three cheers for East New Britain's Mista Gavana Ereman Tobaining Jnr on highlighting a few of the threats to marine habitats BUT he overlooked or forgot to mention one of the biggest threats to the marine habitats closest to his constituency - don't know about Mista Gavana but if my home where near the Nautilus Solwara 1 Project I'd be noting it specifically as a potential threat not just the ones listed in the article by ABIGAIL APINA in todays National newspaper.