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Madang Lagoon Affected

Source: Post Courier


A BIODIVERSITY expedition which is progressing in Madang has shown the Madang Lagoon, once famous for its rich biodiversity to be adversely affected. The revelation was made by Senior Scientist of the Papua Niugini Biodiversity Expedition Professor Philippe Bouchet last week.

PNG Mining and Petroleum Investment Conference in Australia??

In this world scientists have been trying to unravel the mysterious of 5 main inexplicable phenomena: the placebo effect, people with extra sensory powers (foretelling the future), near death experiences, UFO's and deja vu.

In my world (that is Papua New Guinea) a number of enlightened Papua Niugineans have been trying to unravel the mystery of the inexplicable phenomenon of having a conference to promote a Papua New Guinean industry in another country!