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The Red Sea Risks Violation from Deep Sea Mining

Well well! On this glorious Friday let us hope that people like the Grand Master of Evasion, Mr Tiensten will happen upon this article and see what concerns people halfway across the world have with experimental seabed mining!

Seems like some bright people share the same concerns we do about the issue...

Deep Sea Mining the Next Frontier for Sudan and Saudi Arabia?

Source: Green Prophet

Mald: Scrutinise Land Deals

Source: The National

ILLEGAL land grabbing activities involving foreigners should be properly scrutinised by the government, former MP and minister Andrew Mald says.

“Papua New Guineans are being forced into entering into deals with local landowners in Port Moresby and elsewhere to build their homes because they are unable to buy state land,” he said this week.

The SABL Delusion

 Special Purpose Agricultural Business Lease or SABL

In case you are in the dark what an SABL is, as the name implies is a special lease that was provisioned for under Section 11 of the Land Act (1996)

 ‘the Minister may lease customary land for the purpose of granting a special agricultural and business lease’

This lease was supposed to give traditional landowners economic benefits from the rent and employment opportunities created by those businesses that leased land from them.