PNG gavman inot tingting bikpela long lukautim peles: Ken Mondiai

Picture: Logging i bagarapim wara long Inaina Wildlife management Area long Kairuku Hiri District long Central province (PWM Photo)

Source: ABC Radio Australia

Direkta blong dispela NGO grup Partners With Melanesians, Ken Mondiai i sutim strongpela toktok long PNG gavman na ol agensi blongen i nating putim strongpela tingting long konsevesen wok long kantri.


Sandaun wants license

Source: The National

The West Sepik provincial government is seeking a licence from the Government to export logs.

Acting Governor Paul Negai told Forest Minister Douglas Tomuriesa and PNG Forest Authority managing director Kanawi Pouru during their visit to the province on Monday that West Sepik wanted to export its own logs.

MP calls for investigation into logging company

Picture: Manus MP, Roney Knight

Source:The National

MANUS MP Ronny Knight wants the PNG Forest Authority to scrutinise a logging company that has been operating in his electorate and is now bidding to go into agro-forestry.

Knight raised that in Parliament last Friday, stating that the same company has been logging in Manus for the last 25 years.

Logging industry reaping us off, says Tomuriesa

Source: Post Courier

THE forest industry in PNG remains a "loggers" industry without much down stream processing, Forest Minister Douglas Tomuriesa told Parliament on Friday. Mr Tomuriesa, in a ministerial statement entitled "Status of forest industry in PNG", said only about 15 percent of exports is in the form of timber while the rest are exported as unprocessed logs.

PNG's West Sepik wants larger logging share

Source: Radio New Zealand

The Acting Governor of Papua New Guinea's West Sepik has called for the National Forest Act to be reviewed to ensure better returns for local people from the operations of foreign loggers.

Paul Nengai says the province still earns very little from the extensive logging of its forest, and downstream processing activities remain lacking.