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Logging without free prior informed consent from local people

Sepu people question logging activity in their area

Nathan Matbob

The people of the Sepu area along the Ramu River in the Usino-Bundi District of Madang held a meeting with representatives from logging company Madang Timbers and the PNG Forest Authority at the village more than a week ago. Representatives from the Forest Authority however, did not attend on the reason that their forester rep was not available at that time.

Pundari gets tough on SABLs

Source: The National

ALL special agricultural business leases (SABL) granted prior to the issuance of an environmental permit are illegal, Minister for Environment and Conservation John Pundari said yesterday.

The minister would not approve any more environmental permits on SABLs until the Commission of Inquiry into the issue is made public and cabinet has determined an appropriate course of action.

Australian academic accused of playing the race card to defend Malaysian loggers

Professor Andrew Lattas responds to criticism from Australian National University academic and industrial logging advocate, Tim Curtin, of his expose of the land theft and violence experienced by communities in PNG at the hands of foreign logging companies.... 

Professor Andrew Lattas*

PNG timber industry says record logging will continue

Radio Australia

Forest clearance on disputed land-leases in Papua New Guinea is likely to continue at record levels for the next five to six years, according to the organisation which represents logging companies.

In 2011, logging on Special Agricultural and Business leases pushed Papua New Guinea's log exports to record highs - so much so that some commentators now place PNG as the second largest exporter of tropical logs in the world.

Expert speaks out on impacts of SABL logging

ABC Radio

One of the world's leading tropical biologists says clear felling of forests on Papua New Guinea's controversial Special Agricultural and Business leases is likely to have profound impact on PNG's environment.

Logging on SABLs has pushed PNG's log exports into record territory. In 2011, 650,000 cubic metres of logs were exported from SABLs.

A prominent scientist in tropical biology says the environmental impact of this sort of logging is very significant.

Big jump in log exports due to SABLs

Australia's Chief Climate Commissioner, Time Flannery, says Australia needs to be concerned about record tropical log exports from Papua New Guinea. 

Latest figures from the world's biggest scientific testing and verification company show PNG exported 3.5 million cubic metres of tropical hardwood logs in 2011 - well above the previous record of 3 million cubic metres.