Latest log export data

The latest round log export data from SGS shows that Papua New Guinea exported 3 million cubic metres of round logs in 2010, almost a 50% increase on 2009.

China remains the main export destination, increasing its export share from 83% in 2008 and 2009 to 86% in 2010.

A letter to Julia Gillard

By Trevor Freestone

Dear Julia,

I have attempted to draw attention to the serious situation in Papua New Guinea to Kevin Rudd as Foreign Affairs Minister and Tony Abbott as Leader of the Opposition. Their staff thank me for my communication and things end there.

The situation is so serious that Australia needs to become aware of what is happening and develop a plan that will be of benefit both to Papua New Guinea and Australia.

What should development mean in Papua New Guinea?

By Rosa Koain

THE Western concept of economic development is about one person taking control of an activity and pulling all the rest in to work for him. The Melanesian concept of the same development is about sharing and participating equally and openly.

Despite the many lessons from different parts of the world, the concept of development that PNG is adopting is breaking up communities. The many conflicts arising as a result are indications of an economy breaking down. 

Rimbunan Hijau found guilty of intimidating, threatening and harassing the media

The National Court has found controversial Malaysian logging giant, Rimbunan Hijau, guilty of intimidating, threatening and harassing the Post Courier newspaper and abusing court processes in order to try and stop publication of reports critical of their logging operations.

The Court has also ordered Rimbunan Hijau's lawyer, Michael Wilson be charged with perjury for filing sworn evidence "that defies the truth with intend [sic] to mislead the court".

The full National court decision is attached below as a downloadable pdf file.