Gary Juffa condemns Papua New Guinea for giving away its natural resources

By Martyn Namorong*

FORMER Papua New Guinea Customs Commissioner Gary Juffa has condemned the recent announcement that Papua New Guinea would return to talks related to the South Pacific Tuna Treaty (SPTT). Mr Juffa described its as one of the many worse deals Papua New Guinea’s ruling elite continue to enter into on behalf of the country.

Video documents broken oil palm promises in Solomon Islands

This short video documents the broken promises of oil plam company Sylvania Limited which has deserted the people of Marova leaving them with only broken promises after logging out their forests; mirroring the experiences of communities in Papua New Guinea who have suffered the loss of their forests under Special Agriculture Purpose Business Leases.  You can view further episodes from this documentary here vimeo.com/album/1806605

Malaysian firm to make US$72m from Inland Pomio logging

Kayu Mas (PNG) Ltd, which has a timber concession in Papua New Guinea (PNG) and is being acquired by Takaso Resources Bhd, has projected a net profit of US$72 million over nine years, reports the Sun Daily in Kuala Lumpur.

Kayu Mas executive chairman Datuk Abdul Manaf Hamid said the projected earnings from its timber concession of up to 42,000ha in PNG was based on the pricing of logs and sawn timber from that country.

Civil society slam loggers access to controversial SABL leases

Environmentalists in Papua New Guinea have raised concerns about foreign companies investing in controversial land leases, reports ABC Radio.

In the latest investment, Hong Kong logging firm Pacific Plywood has joined forces with China's largest state owned timber company, Longjiang Forest Industry Group.

The investors plan to develop a 628 square kilometre lease in the East Sepik Province. 

The companies say the region has more than 2.5 million cubic metres of timber. 

SABL leases flawed

Women shocked, all agreements defective

By Grace Tiden

POMIO women expressed shock before the SABL inquiry in Kokopo yesterday when told they were signatories to the lease-lease back agreement.

They were in even more shock to learn that some of the signatories were their own children who were so young they would not even hold up an ink pen.

Many unanswered questions about Pomio SABL

By John Pangkatana

Many “unanswered questions” were believed to have forced an extension to the Commission of Inquiry (CoI) into the acquisition of Special Agriculture Business Leases (SABL) in West Pomio, East New Britain Province.

This is due to revelations about forged signatures and lack of consent by women witnesses at the close of the inquiry at Vunapope, Kokopo on Friday.

Police harm two over SABL on New Hanover

By Luana Paniu

At least two locals in New Hanover were seriously wounded when police discharged their firearms and shot them in the ankle, resulting in their hospitalisation. In what can be described as a vicious attack on human rights, the Commission of Inquiry into SABL were given insight into atrocities occurring on the picturesque island.

Malaysian logger bribed its way into New Hanover forests

An insider within Tutumang Development Limited today spilled the beans on how he was used and manipulated by the company to ‘sweet-talk’ landowners into signing the fraudulent land deals involving the SABL on New Hanover, reports Nolene Likas for NBC news.

Councilor of Ward 17 in the Lavongai Local Level Government where the SABL are located, Mr. Kamsal Maraleu told the Commission of Inquiry that he was a major player in what transpired amongst the directors of Tutumang.