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Limawo Holding statement on Turubu SABL highly misleading

Limawo Holdings Limited has issued a highly misleading press statement [see pdf file attached below] on its legal challenge to a government decision to cancel the Special Purpose Agriculture and Business  Lease over Section 144C in East Sepik Province.

Limawo Holdings owns a minority of the shares in Sepik Oil Palm Plantation Ltd, the holder of the  SABL lease.

Limawo Holdings statement is highly misleading in three respects. 

NRI research highlights need for greater local participation to improve governance and service delivery

The National Research Institute has published a discussion paper looking at how we can improve the currently very poor level of service delivery in PNG and the impact different systems of government can have on improving political governance.

The paper looks at the experiences of different countries around the world  to suggest some ways we can make improvements in PNG and concludes major changes like introducing a Presidential system of government are not needed.

UPDATED: The MP's charged, waiting sentence or imprisoned

For those of you who are keeping track, this is an update on the Papua New Guinea members of Parliament who have been charged or found guilty and await sentence or have been imprisoned to date.

Seen to be smiling in these pictures, but not for long. Give back to the people what belongs to them.

Fourteen MPs charged, awaiting sentence, dismissed, imprisoned or found not guilty - so far!

United Nations new Sustainable Development Goals do not represent our best interests

Alnoor Ladha | The Rules via Huffington Post

On 25th September world leaders signed the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). They told the world that we’re on track to ending global poverty by 2030, and that we can do it by prioritising economic growth at all costs.

Government announcement on SABL just more excuses and delays

The Chief Secretary has announced the government has a new way forward on implementing the recommendations of the Commission of Inquiry into the Special Agriculture and Business Lease land grab.

But ACT NOW! says the government's statement lacks any substance and is just the latest in a long series of excuses and delays.