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SABL issue explained in new Fact Sheet for communities

Even though the Commission of Inquiry into the land grab has found the SABL process was flawed, land grabbing continues while nothing has been done to cancel the leases and return the land to customary owners. Many communities are still not aware of what SABL is and how customary land is being stolen.

 The SABL issue is simplified in this Fact Sheet for use in awareness at the community level.

Economist Dr Anderson on PNG Economy

The book "Land and Livelihoods" by Tim Anderson, has been written and based on research work he and other PNG colleagues did to analyse/compare the most promoted and hyped- about, 'general economy of PNG to the smaller livelihood activities that is mostly sustainable and subsistent. Tim believes the Real economy is the people's livelihood and not LNG.

Source: EMTV online

Mining Minister Byron Chan to save the world

Byron Chan is working blindly by not paying attention to a petition presented to him and the New Zealand Government decisions that spell out all the risks of experimental seabed mining. He seems totally oblivious to the potential environmental harm that (his people) New Irelanders could suffer from.

Chan is abusing his 'leadership position' by totaly ignoring the opposition AGAINST experimental seabed mining even though evidence of environmental harm is ringing all around him.

via PNG Mine Watch

Indonesia's second biggest palm oil company stops clearing of rain forests


Picture: Forest Hereos

Source: Rainforest Foundation Norway

Rainforest Foundation Norway and the Forest Hereos alliance welcome an announcement of an immediate moratorium on forest clearance by Astra Agro Lestari, the large Indonesian palm oil company connected to mandarin Oriental Hotels.