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Rio Tinto violating human rights in Bougainville by not cleaning up Panguna mine

Panguna was once one of the largest and most profitable copper and gold mines in the world, but a new report says it has left a terrible legacy for residents of Bougainville. Photograph: Human Rights Law Centre

New report alleges mine caused environmental devastation and ongoing health problems for communities

Source: Ben Doherty, The Guardain, 31 March 2020

COVID-19 Reinforces the Value of Customary Land in PNG

Market prices in Port Moresby have shot up in recent days, K50 for a medium sized water-melon and K1 for an unripe lemon 

Eddie Tanago

Our customary land is our social safety net, our backbone, our supermarket, our hardware store and our pharmacy, it provides for our sustenance and gives vital cash-incomes to millions of families. Customary land has provided for us and our ancestors since time began.

Government must legislate on hidden company ownerships

The latest corruption scandal involving a government Minister and a foreign oil company emphasises once again the need for the government to legislate on hidden or ‘beneficial’ company ownerships.

Allowing people to register a company without revealing who are the real owners or beneficiaries creates a massive information vacuum that enables corruption and tax evasion to happen right under our noses.

Government out of its depth on customary land

The Land Minister’s announcement of a new pilot project that will further disenfranchise customary landowners is part of a misguided promotion of private sector greed over people’s need for customary land for income generation.

The government should be focused on empowering rural people to build resilient communities on their own land rather than serving the greed of foreign owned banks and big corporations.