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Consider the Environment

PC: Janelle Lugg (Getty_PNG Pomio) 

John Maine | The National | Letters | 1.08.2023

Papua New Guinea is blessed with a beautiful landmass with a wide range of virgin rainforest covering thousands of square kilometers. 

Corruption- who is to blame?

Post Courier Editorial

Are the voters responsible for the corruption in the country?

Health Minister and Member for Wabag Dr Lino Tom seems to think so and he is partly right in his public statement on the matter in this newspaper last month.

Landowners 'conned into giving land away'

Ramu BlocK 3 FMA. Source: Facebook.

The National | Letters | By Maus blo Garamut, Madang (May 4th 2023)

SINCE last year, the Papua New Guinea Forest Authority’s (PNGFA) Project Acquisition branch has been working to acquire forest areas in Madang and around the country.

And in this process, the rights of the landowner have been trampled on.

PNG’s Real Economy

Economic discussions in PNG are always centered on extractive industries such as natural gas, mining, logging, tuna, and large-scale agriculture. However, these export-orientated industries are tiny when compared to PNG’s real mainstream economy, “small farming”.

Studies into rural livelihoods over the past decade show that customary land is highly productive, but its output and impact are neither measured properly nor publicly recognized.