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A SIP of Corruption

Post Courier | February 20th 2024

Last year, the Department of Implementation and rural Development expressed the concern at the lack of transparency in the Provincial and District Service Improvement Program.

DIRD: Submit all acquittals

The National | February 6th 2024. 

Members of Parliament have been warned to submit acquittals to the Department of Implementation and Rural Development.

Department Secretary Aihi Vaki urged MPs to comply with the law. “MPs need to take responsibility and provide their district and provincial acquittals,” he said.

Vaki said it was routine process which required provincial and district administration to submit the acquittals reports.

Economist Blames Lack of Accountability and Monitoring

The National | February 7th 2024

There is a lack of accountability and monitoring of Service Improvement Program (SIP) funds in the country, as economist says.

Maholopa Laveil, a University of Papua New Guinea School of Business and Public Policy economics lecturer, told The National that the last audit for these funds were carried out more than six years ago.

Audit Office facing Challenges

Source: Gorethy Kenneth | Post Courier, February 2, 2024. 

Head of Auditor-General’s Office (AGO) Gordon Kega said there are challenges in conducting audits of the provincial and district, including LLG Service Improvement (SIP), due to insufficient funding and remoteness of these areas.

Billions from SIP remain unaudited

February 2 | The National

Billions of Kina in service improvement programmed funds spent since 2008 remain unaudited. 

Of the 22 provinces and, 89 districts and 319 local level government, only six audits have been completed into SIP funding for the years 2017 to 2022 according to a brief from the Auditor General. 

Increase in SIP fund but service delivery poor

The National | January 11, 2024 

The amount of funding pumped into the Government’s Service Improvement Programmes (SIP) has increased dramatically, yet service delivery has been a matter of great concern, University of Papua New Guinea School of business and Public Policy economics lecturer Maholopa Laveil spoke to reporter Jesher Tilto about Sip funds in the country.

Is the Forest Authority breaching the FCA Moratorium?

Evidence from official government sources suggests the PNG Forest Authority may be breaching a moratorium on new Forest Clearing Authority projects.

A twelve month moratorium on the issuing of new FCAs was announcd by the National Forest Board in February 2023 in response to widespread concerns the licences are being misused.