Govt goes off track in MTDP IV log export targets

The Marape Government is not on track to meet it’s log export reduction goals as outlined in the Medium Term Development Plan IV. 

In 2022, the Government announced a ban on all round log exports in the next 3 to 5 years, with the intention to increase local downstream processing to promote greater employment, increase GDP and boost government revenues. 

The log export data shows an export of 2.2million cubic meters in 2023. 

This is well over the full year target set in the MTDP IV of 1.695 million cubic meters. 

Although there is a drop from 2022 export data, by 27%, it exceeds the MTDP IV targets by 32%. 

It is good to see that the government has a concrete plan to reduce round log exports, but it is very concerning to see the PNG Forest Authority not meeting those targets. 

The target volume for log export in 2023 is 1.695 million cubic meters, for 2024 it’s 1.296 million, for 2025, it’s 897 thousand cubic meters. If the government does not get it right in the first year, it is very unlikely that it will achieve the plan at all.

The continued abuse of Forest Clearing Authorities is one of the major reasons that round log exports are too high. 

In 2023, Forest Clearing Authorities were responsible for more log exports than any other concession type, yet published research shows many of these projects are illegal.

The Government needs to undertake an independent, public and transparent audit of all existing FCA’s and until that is done, log exports from these concessions should be suspended. 

Act Now!’s calls comes after the release of it’s 3rd case study report into the abuse of Forest Clearing Authorities, ‘Where’s the Beef’, which shows how logging companies using the promise of bogus agriculture projects to break PNG’s forest laws. 


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