Community activists prepare to engage with villages impacted by experimental seabed mining

Around 100 community activisits in Madang have been meeting this week to learn more and share ideas on experimental seabed mining before travelling out to connect with communities in the New Guinea islands region.

The activists, all members of the Tropical Gem group, will be visiting communities in East New Britain and New Ireland that live around the proposed site of the Solwara 1 seabed mine. They will be discussiing the proposed mining with village people to gather their views and encourage them to make their voices heard.

Many communities are worried by the potential environmental and social impacts of the proposed mining - which has been rushed through the approval stages without proper consultation or any consent process.

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The Tropical Gem group promotes the first principle of the five National Goals and Directive Principles, Integral Human Development.  They believe that when people's mindsets are challenged and developed then they will make wise decision regarding their land and natural resources. This is a message they will be taking to the communities they visit on their upcoming tours.