Media Releases

Protestors deliver NO MARINE DUMPING message in Australia

25 November 2010

Campaigners are taking their ‘no marine dumping’ message to the streets of Australia in the first of a series of planned protests against the environmental performance of foreign mining companies operating in Papua New Guinea.

“Our message is simple”, says spokesperson Iona Reto, “foreign companies operating in Papua New Guinea need to clean up their act and stop their double standards. If they can’t do it at home they shouldn’t do it in PNG.”

Parliament should reverse environmental law amendments

12 November, 2010

The ACT NOW! community is calling on the PNG Parliament, when it resumes next week, to reverse its controversial amendments to the Environment Act.

The amendments, passed by Parliament in May, removed landowner’s rights to be consulted and approve activities on their land in certain circumstances. They also denied any right to challenge those decisions through the courts and gave immunity to foreign companies from liability for environmental damage.

Highlands Pacific targeted for role in Ramu Mine

14 October 2010

Australian listed company, Highlands Pacific, is being targeted in an on-line campaign – - over its role in the controversial Ramu nickel mine.

Highlands Pacific is part of the consortium that owns the Ramu mine and which is planning to dump millions of tons of mine waste into the sea.

“Such dumping would not be permitted in Australia where Highlands Pacific is based”, says Effrey Dademo, Program Manager for Act Now!

Ninety-nine percent say PM not doing enough on corruption

24 May 2010

PORT MORESBY: Ninety-nine percent of people who voted in an on-line poll think the government is not doing enough to tackle corruption.

The poll was conducted by the public interest group ACT NOW!

Effrey Dademo, Program Manager, says, “the message to the Prime Minister and the government is clear. The people want to see much more action on corruption. That has to include prosecuting white collar criminals in the public service and those they conspire with”.

Prime Minister wrong to shoot the messenger, says ACT NOW!

7 May 2010

PORT MORESBY: ACT NOW! has criticized the Prime Minister’s decision to force the resignation of Attorney General, Dr Alan Marat.

Effrey Dademo, Program Manager, says “by forcing the Attorney General to resign the Prime Minister is sending a very negative signal to other Ministers and to the people of PNG”.

ACT NOW! urges MPs to oppose "Maladina" Amendments

28 April 2010

PORT MORESBY: ACT NOW! has sent an Action Alert to its 500 members and supporters urging them to register their opposition to the so-called ‘Maladina’ amendments which Parliament will debate next week.

Effrey Dademo, Program Manager, says ACT NOW!, opposes the bill because it will weaken the powers of the Ombudsman Commission and give greater immunity to Members of Parliament.

Act Now aims to give ordinary Papua New Guineans a voice!

19 April, 2010

A new not-for-profit organization called ACT NOW! has been launched on the internet at

ACT NOW!, has been created to remind everyone of the importance of Papua New Guinea’s National Goals and Directive Principles and to help ordinary people have a voice in the future of their nation.