PNG Government rushing new mines without fully knowing the costs and benefits

13 August 2013

The government is rushing major new mines without properly understanding the costs and benefits of an export led economy or the possible alternatives.

Community advocacy group ACT NOW! wants the PNG government to commission a proper study of the full costs and benefits of existing mines and other natural resource industries before committing to continue along the same development path.

"The Mineral Resource Authority has announced three new mines, Solwara 1, Mt Kare and Woodlark. It is also reviewing the Mining Act and related laws. How do we know our laws are inadequate? There has not been any process to support this conclusion", says ACT NOW! Program Manager, Effrey Dademo.

"The government needs to do a full detailed study of the social, economic and environmental costs of these industries so we can make informed decisions on what policy and laws to adopt. What is the rush here? Whose interests are MRA and the politicians serving? They are not putting the people first."

"We have had decades of logging, mining and oil palm but can we say this economic model is working for ordinary people in Papua New Guinea? Clearly the answer is no."

"Unrestrained capitalism has failed in Europe and North America, It has failed Africa and South America. So lets take a step back and evaluate the costs and benefits so far for us and then see if we want to continue with this failed model."

"Maybe there is a better way forward that is more in tune with our own Papua New Guinean ways? This is what our Constitution and National Goals call for”.

For further information and comment contact Effrey Dademo on (675) 7100 1834