Media Releases

ACT NOW! urges MPs to oppose "Maladina" Amendments

28 April 2010

PORT MORESBY: ACT NOW! has sent an Action Alert to its 500 members and supporters urging them to register their opposition to the so-called ‘Maladina’ amendments which Parliament will debate next week.

Effrey Dademo, Program Manager, says ACT NOW!, opposes the bill because it will weaken the powers of the Ombudsman Commission and give greater immunity to Members of Parliament.

Act Now aims to give ordinary Papua New Guineans a voice!

19 April, 2010

A new not-for-profit organization called ACT NOW! has been launched on the internet at

ACT NOW!, has been created to remind everyone of the importance of Papua New Guinea’s National Goals and Directive Principles and to help ordinary people have a voice in the future of their nation.