ACT NOW! disappointed by Highlands Pacific reaction

25 November 2010

ACT NOW! community members were unable to deliver copies of more than 500 protest letters to mining company Highlands Pacific today because the company had closed its office.

“We are really disappointed,” said spokesperson Iona Reto, “members of the public are rightly concerned that Highlands Pacific wants to dump millions of tons of toxic waste into the sea, but the company doesn’t even have the decency to accept our protest letters.”

ACT NOW! had contacted Highlands Pacific in advance to notify them of the planned delivery of the protest letters.

“We have shown them every courtesy and are simply trying to exercise our rights. Highlands Pacific has failed to condemn threats and violence against landowners in Papua New Guinea and now they have literally locked their door in our faces”, said Ms Reto.

Highlands Pacific’s decision to close its offices and not accept the protest letters was done in the full face of the media with reporters from ABC, SBS and APP all on-site.

ACT NOW! is planning further protests in Australia with companies like Marengo Mining also planning to dump mine waste into the sea and Newcrest Mining responsible for the pollution of the Watut river.

For further information and comment contact Effrey Dademo on (675) 7347 7806