Attacks evidence of Australian Government's short-sightedness

February 18, 2011

PORT MORESBY:  The recent attacks on Australian aid workers is a shame for a country that relies on aid money from Australia.

While condemning the attacks, ACT NOW! a local advocacy group, says the Australian Government has been for a very long time confused on how to manage it’s relationship with Papua New Guinea.

Effrey Dademo, Program Manager, says, “…Australian citizens are suffering the consequences of their government’s own short-sightedness…”

There are serious governance and security issues with political connections in this country.  Corruption is the biggest single problem facing PNG as it takes vital funds away from the health sector, education and infrastructure maintenance.

“Why has Australia always shied away from these issues, calling them “internal issues”, says Ms Dademo.

The Police have a shortage of manpower in the capital city because the police are off to protect the LNG site – a project in which Australia has put large sums of money”.

It is time Australia stopped the bureaucratic nonsense, faced up to the truth that this country is a big problem waiting to erupt in civil unrest and stepped up real efforts to help bring about positive change.

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