Joint Media Release: Young Leaders right to demonstrate must be respected

August 3, 2013

ACT NOW! and the Bismarck Ramu Group commend student leaders for organizing a peaceful march to protest against the government's asylum seeker deal with the Australia and condemned police action in blocking the students.

John Chitoa says it is encouraging to see students standing up and making their voices heard on important national issues.

"Students are the future leaders of our nation and young people make up the largest proportion of our population. The students should be commended for taking a stand on the issues of the day and making their views known."

Effrey Dademo agrees, and says the government should not be using the police to prevent peaceful demonstrations.

“Student leaders have proven in recent times that are able to stage peaceful marches.”

"We live in a democracy and the rights of students and other groups to march peacefully must be respected. It will be a further tragedy for our nation if this government continues to try and stifle debate by denying students and other groups a voice."

For more information please contact: John Chitoa, Program Manager for BRG + (675) 423 3011...Effrey Dademo, Program Manager for ACT NOW! + (675) 7100 1834