Customary Land

ACT NOW reaching remote villages via USB sticks

A simple Flash Drive can be an effective education and awareness tool

Sia village in the Sohe District of Oro Province is a difficult place to reach from the outside.

With no road linking the community to the outside world, the only options are three hour dingy ride along the coast from the Provincial capital, Popondetta, and up the Mamba river, or a three to four day walk.

Carbon credit project 'illegal' say landowners

Map showing the location of the Kamlapar Carbon Credit Project

Landowners in New Ireland claim a US based company is illegally selling carbon credits on the international market that it has obtained by fraud. The landowners have written to the government and the international company that is verifying the carbon credits to try and stop the sale.

Seeking Expressions of Interest

ACT NOW has recently received funding to expand its work in Papua New Guinea with a particular focus on the management of forest resources.

We are therefore seeking expressions of interest from well qualified and experienced practitioners and organisations interested in providing services in the following five areas:

  1. International stakeholder engagement;
  2. Research coordination;
  3. Digital services;
  4. Project management; and
  5. Investigative reserach.


Civil Society Presentation on the Forestry Act Review

1.  The Forestry Act 1991 is 30 years old and has been weakened by many amendments.

2.  Very limited implementation: most operations are old concession types - Timber Rights Purchase (TRP) / Local Forest Area (LFA). 

3.  Under the Act our forest resource has been depleted; unsustainable harvests + extensive forest clearance. 

4.  Act is completely outdated as the national and international context has changed: