Customary Land

Is the Forest Authority breaching the FCA Moratorium?

Evidence from official government sources suggests the PNG Forest Authority may be breaching a moratorium on new Forest Clearing Authority projects.

A twelve month moratorium on the issuing of new FCAs was announcd by the National Forest Board in February 2023 in response to widespread concerns the licences are being misused.

Customary Land Bringing in thousands of Kina – Govt needs to step up

“Cocoa is raining cash in Sepik”! was the proclamation by Governor for East Sepik Allan Bird on his social media page. 

He went on to say that the growth in his province’s economy will be built by ordinary village people earning a decent income and paying taxes when spending money on goods and services.  

Governor Bird also proudly displayed the receipt from a farmer who sold 8 bags of cocoa and received K6 763.15 in cash.

Community Oppose logging in Tewae- Siassi District

We the Nzera Clan of Sio Village and Levo Clan of Karangan Village are TOTALLY AGAINST the current logging operations in the Wasu area in Tewae- Siassi District in Morobe Province.

The logging is done by Lucky Logging (PNG) Limited, a foreign owned Malaysian Company, under two Forest Clearing Authorities (FCA 13-02 and 13-03). The FCAs were supposedly issued for Cattle farming, Hunting and Forestry.

Don't Be Fooled - Understanding the Forest Language

To truly understand the forest sector in Papua New Guinea, one must carefully study the Forest Act and understand the language used, “forestry language”. 

Landowners who are planning to bring in a logging company or large-scale agriculture company to clear their forest must make it their business to learn the forestry language. 

This is to avoid the company and representatives of the PNG Forest Authority misleading the landowners into easily giving away their land in return for the false promises and benefits that will not be delivered as has been the case over the years.