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Mine Tailings threaten bay

Source: The National

JUST two years of operation of the Ramu nickel-cobalt mine has seen tailings smother organisms and sediment in the Basamuk Bay, a research says.

Such has been the impact on the biodiversity that organisms have disappeared, it said.

Marine researcher and biology lecturer from the University of Papua New Guinea Ralf Mana said: “The tailings of the mine disposed into the bay have overridden the organisms and the sea and the sea floor.

Moana Nui rejects IMF and SOPAC approach on experimental seabed mining

Source: PNG Mine Watch

Moana Nui submission to the 13-16 May 2014 Pacific ACP States 5th Regional Training Workshop Organised in Partnership with IMF (Pacific Financial Technical Assistance Centre): Financial Aspects of DSM being held in Rarotonga.

Arnie Saiki: Coordinator-Moana Nui Action Alliance

Thing #3 - Most People in rich countries are paid more than they should be

Source: 23 Things they dont tell you about capitalism, Ha-Joon Chang

In a market economy, it is said that people are rewarded according to their productivity. Fact remains, a Swede gets paid fifty times what an Indian gets paid for the same job, but that is reflection of their relative productivities. People will tell you that introducing minimum wage legislations will reduce differences to wage in repute to productivity. This will only lead to unjust and insufficient rewarding of individuals talents and efforts - as such in India.

More Community consultation vital in PNG logging

Source: Radio New Zealand

The sustainable forestry organisation FORCERT in Papua New Guinea says developers and government players should consult more in communities where they set up logging projects.

A Technical Advisor to FORCERT, Peter Dam, says that due to rampant logging, only a few small parts of forest remain intact on the whole of New Britain.

This and other parts of PNG have been heavily clear-felled by logging projects, including those under the guise of Special Agricultural Business Leases.

SOPAC and the EU continue to push experimental seabed mining despite community opposition

Source: PNG Mine Watch

SOPAC continues to push for experimental seabed mining against the wishes of Pacific peoples - while using classic doublespeak to pretend its intervention will ensure positive outcomes, something that is manifestly untrue...

Nautilus Minerals: State of PNG pays $113 million into Escrow

Source: PNG Mine Watch

Nautilus Minerals Inc. announces that the Independent State of Papua New Guinea's nominee for participation in the Company's Solwara 1 Project has today placed US$113,000,000 into escrow, representing the balance of the funding for the State nominee's 15% share of the capital required to complete the development phase of the Project up to first production.

Chuave MP backs seabed mining


An MP from the land-locked Province of Chimbu is the only politician in PNG speaking out in support of experimental seabed mining… and even he has his facts all wrong!

Source: The National

THE Vice-Minister for Mining and Chuave MP, Chimbu, Wera Mori has applauded the Government for the 15 percent acquisition of share in the Solwara 1 Project.

Juffa queries deep sea mining

Source: Post Courier

THE GOVERNMENT must conduct a scientific study to determine the imminent danger that the deep sea mining will have on the marine life, says Oro Governor Gary Juffa.

Mr Juffa said this when directing questions in Parliament yesterday to the Minister for Fisheries after being told that the government has imposes a ban on harvest of beche de mer in compliance with recommendation from a scientific study.