Chuave MP backs seabed mining


An MP from the land-locked Province of Chimbu is the only politician in PNG speaking out in support of experimental seabed mining… and even he has his facts all wrong!

Source: The National

THE Vice-Minister for Mining and Chuave MP, Chimbu, Wera Mori has applauded the Government for the 15 percent acquisition of share in the Solwara 1 Project.

“PNG is the first country in the world to have the first seabed mining. It is welcome news for the government to be part of the project that is happening within the country,” Mori said.

Mori, a geologist by profession, said any waste produced on the sea-bed would be piped up to waiting ships to be disposed off shore. The waste, he said, would be utilised to produce sulphide for other mining, scientific and agricultural uses.

Mori said the project would bring monetary benefits to the government and the people.

He said project developer Nautilus Minerals has embarked on training locals in seabed mining and other areas of operation.

“Papua New Guineans trained will acquire skills and knowledge which will be required by similar mining activities around the world.”