Juffa queries deep sea mining

Source: Post Courier

THE GOVERNMENT must conduct a scientific study to determine the imminent danger that the deep sea mining will have on the marine life, says Oro Governor Gary Juffa.

Mr Juffa said this when directing questions in Parliament yesterday to the Minister for Fisheries after being told that the government has imposes a ban on harvest of beche de mer in compliance with recommendation from a scientific study.

Mr Juffa said it is only fair that a scientific study must be carried out to determine whether the tuna stock in the sea will be affected.

He said the extraction of ore by the developer of the Solwara 1 project from the seabed will affect marine life.

Mr Juffa said there must be an independent investigation into the project.

He said the Government can then act upon the recommendation of the scientific findings.

Mr Zeming welcomed the comments made by Mr Juffa and reminded parliament that the decision to invite the project developer was of the previous government.