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Experimental seabed mining is not 'world class"

Source: Rosa Koian

‘World class’ has become such a nice catch phrase that even members of parliament ride with it without really giving some thoughts to what it means.

This week member for Chuave Mr Wera Mori decides to come out of his shadow and be a mouthpiece for Nautilus Minerals and welcomes ‘world class experimental seabed mining ‘ in PNG.

Local Activist to pressure state on seabed deal

Source: The National

A local activist group is not ruling out taking further actions against the state over its recent decision to buy a 15 % share in the Solwara 1 deep sea mining project in the Bismark Sea.

Act Now programme manager Effrey Dadamo has accused the government of letting down the people of PNG and said it would be held accountable, as reported by Radio Australia.

Network Support Calls to stop land grabs

Source: The National

The Pacific Network on Globalisation (PANG) is backing non-government organisations in demanding for the World Bank to end its support for land and resources grabbing in Pacific communities, under the pretext of making customary land more productive.

PANG said the terrible outcomes of such business environments include the illegal land grab taking place in the country, with over five million hectares of customary land taken from local people without their consent for commercial use.

Governments crushing their own

Source: Cathrine Wilson, Inter Press Service

The global spectre of state violence against political dissent, with paramilitary law enforcement units advancing against citizens they are employed to protect in cities such as Cairo, Bangkok and Kiev is daily news. But in some developing countries, the police are being used to put down indigenous opposition to the alliance of state and corporate power over resource extraction.

Thing #2 - Companies should not run in the interest of their owners

Source: 23 Things They Dont Tell You About Capitalism by Ha-Joon Chang

People – important people, designate regulations and rules. In this instance a market that is making money out of a business is being governed first and foremost by the rule makers who we mark out to be shareholder(s) incentivizing them to maximize company performance, maximizing social contribution, and in turn amplifying shareholders income. This gives basis of a company run by selfish interest of its governed owners.

PM assures landowners SABLs will be reviewed

Source:The National

SPECIAL Agricultural Business Leases (SABLs) which are not genuine will be cancelled, Prime Minister Peter O’Neill says.

He said Cabinet had set up a ministerial committee to look into the recommendations in the SABL inquiry report.

He said the committee would recommend to the Government what actions to take.

“We are now going as far as trying to cancel many of the leases,” he said.

“I want to assure the nation that most of the leases that

are not genuine have taken