Fairweather not happy with government

Source: Post Courier

Sumkar MP Ken Fairweather is furious with the O’Neill-Dion Government.

"I am sopissed off rightnow because of the Solwara 1 issue. This is madness," he said.

The controversial seabed mining project has received much media attention in recent days and the MP feels the project has not been addressed properly.

Mr Fairweather expressed his anger while responding to questions about rumours of his move to the Opposition party.

He confirmed meeting with the Opposition Leader Belden Namah in Madang.

"Yes I was offered the vice minister of the treasury and to move over; but I told them I will think about it. I am still in the government of Prime Minister Peter O’Neill and I am still with the PNC. I will advise of my move in due course."

The MP also confirmed that he has reconciled with Jim Kas, the governor for Madang Regional so they could work together to oppose the Solwara 1.

The MP flew to Australia yesterday before parliament sat saying he’d rather be with his mum in there as he was also feeling sick of all these issues in PNG.

Mr Fairweather also told the Post-Courier his case with the former Defence Force Commander, Brigadier General Jerry Singirok, has been cleared and the courts ruled in favour of him.

Therefore, he said, it was his prerogative to push for what was good not only for the people of Karkar but for PNG as a whole.