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Looting and Riot is a result of the wrong model of development.

Wednesday 10th January marks a dark day in PNG’s history. The nation’s capital came under siege, Parliament house stormed, Manasupe’s Haus breeched, the city was pillaged, business houses looted and set aflame after failure to reconfigure what is said to be a technical glitch in the payroll system that caused the Police and public to protest.

Agriculture can tackle law and order issues.

Phillip Ukuni| The National | Letters | 24.08.2023

Agriculture way forward to minimize law and order issues.

The above heading is one of the dailies by the Agriculture Minister during his recent visit to East New Britain to carry awareness on the coca and cocoa production hosted by Coca Board of Papua New Guinea is spot on in addressing lawlessness, unemployment, economic well-being and prosperity for our citizens.

The Wrong Model of Development

According to the PNG Chamber of Mines, PNG relies heavily on resource extraction and foreign aid and development assistance to deliver economic growth, promote social development and address pressing issues of poverty, healthcare, education, and infrastructure development. 

But this analysis is self-serving and ignores economic and social realities.

Half of 2023 gone and 84 Districts yet to provide their Development Plans

This year, a huge K1.8 billion has been allocated to 93 Districts through the District Service Improvement (DSIP) and District Infrastructure Programs (DIP) by the Marape-Rosso government.

Already though, more than half of the year is gone, yet there is no way to know how these monies are being spent, as most Districts have no road map in the form of a District Development Plan.

How to Comment on Your DDA.

Users of the DDA Watch website are encouraged to upload comments about the performance of individual District Development Authorities for display on the relevant DDA page. Steps to make a comment on your DDA

Step 1: Find the right page for your DDA. Go to the “Find and Score your DDA” search button on the homepage.

You will land on your District page. (All 93 district has a district landing page. Exclusive of AROB) Below is the landing page for North Waghi DDA.

About the new DDA Watch website

The DDA Watch website is an impartial and non-partisan information resource for the general public, officials and academics.

The website provides access to information on Papua New Guinea’s District Infrastructure Support Program (DISP) and the work of all ninety-three individual District Development Authorities (DDAs).

The website is completely politically neutral and is not associated with any political party, any elected official or any intending candidate.

Govt silence on Maserati Deal is the worst case for PNG.

Papua New Guinea has a problem. The Pangu-led government’s silence on a major breakdown in decision-making speaks volumes on the lack of leadership quality and the stance of the current government in fighting corruption.

As exposed last week, an estimated K20 million (AU$8 million) has gone to waste on the purchase of expensive and unnecessary Maserati sports cars, yet no one is being held accountable.

Where are the District and Provincial Development plans?

Exactly 25 days to 2023 and 96 Districts and 22 Provinces are yet to put together their five-year development plans. An eye-popping K24.56 Billion is budgeted to be spent in fiscal year 2023 and that amount will continue to increase for the next five years.

The question though is, how will the people benefit from those funds and how will the spending translate at province and district levels?