How to score your DDA on DDA Watch Website

The DDA watch website has a DDA rating system that includes a rating score for each DDA and a ranking table for the top five DDA on the home page. The rating score assesses the performance of each DDA against a number of fixed criteria and incorporates a public satisfaction element.

The maximum rating score for each DDA is 100 points. Fixed criteria for scoring are the availability of the key documents. These are; five-year plan, annual budgets, acquittal and inspection reports audit reports and phone contacts, and postal addresses.

Up to 70 points are awarded based on the public availability of key documents from the DDA and contact information, and 30 points the  DDA average public satisfaction score. 

These are;

1. Avaliability of Key documents (70 points)

These criteria are: 

  • Current five-year development plan - 10 points
  • Current annual budget - 10 points
  • Acquittal report (previous year) - 10 points
  • DIRD Inspection report (max 2 years old) - 10 points
  • Audit report (max 3 years old) - 10 points
  • Functioning email address - 10 points
  • Postal address - 5 points

2. Public satisfaction Score. (30 points) 

Satisfaction scores are recorded as;

  • Very good - 30
  • Good - 20
  • Okay - 15
  • Bad - 10
  • Very bad - 0

Each DDA will be rated and ranked according to the amount of publicly available information about its work and the performance scores it receives from the public. On the public satisfaction score, the public will register to the website using their phone numbers or email in order to score their DDA (satisfaction score). 

Steps on how to score your DDA .

Step 1:  Find your DDA. Go to “Find and Score your DDA” search your button on the homepage.

You will land on your District page. (All 93 district has a district landing page. Except for AROB)

Below is the landing page for North Waghi DDA.

Step 2: See the red “Score this DDA” button? Click on this button and you will see the public satisfaction rating options appear.

Satisfaction ratings are: Very bad, bad, okay, Good, and Very Good.

Click on your chosen satisfaction score and a pop-up will ask you to enter your phone number or email. (See image under Step 3)

Step 3: Enter your phone number or email and submit your satisfaction score.

Enter your phone number or email address and press the red go button.

You will automatically receive a text message (if it is a phone number) or email with a four-digit code. Enter the four codes to register your score right away.

To score your District Development Authority or know more about it, visit