Oil and gas projects not delivering for Highlands people

Massive oil and liquified natural gas (LNG) projects in the Highlands region of Papua New Guinea have not yet delivered any meaningful assistance to the people of the region, says Peter Korugl, and worse, have promoted greed and corruption while making the people mere spectators on their own land.

By Peter Korugl

Lets ACT NOW! on violence against women

By Billy Boram 

Members of ACT NOW! and PNG as a whole, I suggest the formation of a Coalition against Violence against Woman.

There are certain coalitions and civil groups formed to fight corruption, graft, HIV and child abuse. I appeal to good-thinking professional men and women to mobilize and form a group similar to what we already have and lets combat Violence against woman.

Policemen warned against wife bashing


Highlands Divisional Police Commander Simon Kauba has issued a warning to his men that anybody who bashes his wife will be automatically suspended.

The ACP made the stern call during a luncheon with his senior officers and it follows a similar statement of zero tolerance from the Police Commissioner in Port Moresby.

Department of Environment incapable of regulating mine waste

By Hon. Sam Basil, MP

The Department of Conservation (DEC) is failing  to properly regulate the mining industry in Papua New Guinea and ensure mine operations are environmentally safe.

DEC has a responsibility on behalf of the Nation to ensure that mining operations are safe and will not damage the environment. Yet time and again the mines end up causing massive pollution problems while DEC sits by and watches.

Another cop husband, another wife beater

On December 11 the ACT NOW! blog featured a story about a policeman's wife who has suffered repeated violence at the hands of her husband. On December 21 the Post Courier newspaper followed up with the story below, by Nellie Setepano, about another policeman's wife.

As a result of these two stories ACT NOW! has contacted the Police Commissioner to demand action.

Joy's story

Pacific Freedom Forum condemns media interference by Papua New Guinea government

Susuve Laumaea,  Pacific Freedom Forum

Government officials responsible for the sudden suspension of senior news editor Dorah Masseung from her management position in the PNG National Broadcasting Corporation must let the national media do its work without fear or political pressure.